Name: Ms. Gladys Wilson 
    Subject: Reading Resource

    Welcome to  Ms. Wilson's  Jungle  Reading Class

    In addition to our regular jungle classroom activities, I use a computer-based program called The Waterford Early Reading Program (WERP) with my kindergarten and first grade students. This program provides instruction in phonics, beginning reading skills and learning how to use the keyboard. My students spend 15-20 minutes a day on the computer working with a variety of activities such as songs and games which help to teach letter recognition, phonemic awareness and rhyming words. The (WERP) also helps expand vocabulary as well as students experience oral and written language through stories, songs and rhymes.

     My Kindergarten and first grade students are Wild about WERP and Getting the swing of  learning to Read.
    Contact info:
    MSES 336 703-6788