• General Information about Getting a License

    In North Carolina, drivers under age 18 are provisional licensees and must pass a Driver Education Course in order to get a license. This is available through their high schools and professional agencies. The Driver Education Course consists of a 30 hours of class work and 6 hours behind the wheel training.  Current instructors at EFHS are Randy Reavis and Conrad Green.

    Students MUST Register fro Driver Education online at http://ncdrivingschool.com/online-class-registration/  or call (800) 375-6550.
    In-Class (30 hours):
    Students must be 14 1/2 years of age to take the required 30-hour classroom portion and are enrolled in the class in DOB order, oldest first.  The instructor will call each student to insure that they can commit to the class schedule (excluding summer sessions).  PERFECT ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY.  You must be able to attend the class for two consecutive weeks, three hours each day.

    During the regular school year, the 30-hour classroom phase is held after school. The class runs 3:30-6:30 (3 hours) for 10 days. Summertime registrations begin in May and students are registered first-come-first-served.

    In-Car (6 hours):

    No student will be scheduled for behind-the-wheel instruction until all 30 hours of classroom instruction have been completed.  Students are scheduled to drive by the classroom phase of Driver Education they are in. The oldest students drive first, down to the youngest, in order. Each student can drive a maximum of two hours per day. Each behind-the-wheel instructor sets his/her own driving schedule and will call the student to set up a time for driving. The student should receive a total of six hours behind the wheel.

Last Modified on December 4, 2015