• Mineral Springs Elementary School is committed to preparing all students to be life-long learners, critical thinkers, and problem solvers in a global society. Our students will meet and exceed growth expectations, have confidence in their ability to learn and be responsible and respectful citizens. 


    At Mineral Springs Elementary School, we begin planning our parental involvement activities before the beginning of the school year.
    School Leadership Team: Meets monthly to discuss parental involvement programs that will enhance the learning of our students. Calendar dates were set for PTA programs and other activity nights.
    PTA Board: Meets monthly to plan Board meeting dates, membership drive activities, set budget parameters, and specific PTA activities. PTA Mission Statement - The NCPTA is North Carolina's oldest and largest volunteer organization advocating for the education, health, safety, and success of all children and youth while building strong families and communities.
    School Activities: 
    Throughout the school year, activities are planned that involve parents, students and staff. The activities are designed to strengthen the relationship between the school and families along with providing information to parents to ensure the success of their child. The following programs have been planned to involve parents in the learning process and environment at our school.
    Annual Title I Orientation Night: In September 2018: A presentation was made by the Home School Coordinator and Family Engagement Coordinator explaining the different programs in detail to parents giving them suggestions on how they can help their children at home. 5:30pm – 6:30pm in the media center. This is a Pot Luck Event ! Parents please bring a dish. 
    Parent Compact Meeting: Parents were given the opportunity to give feedback on the Title I School Policy and parent compacts.
    Field Day: A date for all field day activities will be identified for Fall 2018.
    Tutoring: September – May, 2018-2019: Math and reading tutoring are offered after-school tutoring program for students not making adequate progress during the regular school day.
    End of Year Picnics: A week will be identified in April 2019 for all classroom picnics.
    PTA Meetings: October 16, 2018, November 6, 2018, December 18, 2018, March 12, 2019and April 24, 2019 **Teachers will meet with parents in the classrooms starting at 6pm; PTA meeting will start at 6:30 in the gym followed by performances**
    Parent/Teacher Conferences: October 30, 2018, February 5, 2019, and March 29, 2019. Please contact the office to schedule a meeting time with your student's teacher.
    TOYOTA Family Literacy Project: September – May, 2014-2015: Hispanic Family Literacy Project offering resources, education, and support to Hispanic/Latino parents. Activities include computer classes, adult ESL classes, regular classroom visitation and observation, and discussions addressing how parents can best help children learn.
    Family Fall Festival: November 2, 2018: The school and PTA will host a festival of carnival games and activities for families including but not limited to a cake walk, video games, pizza, hot dogs, and other events.
    Classroom Newsletters: Classroom teachers send home grade level weekly newsletters to inform parents of upcoming events and report on happenings in their classrooms.  Also, the Home-School Coordinator sends home monthly “Home & School Connection” Title One newsletters.
    Homework-Schedule Books: Each student in grades K-5 receives a homework-schedule book to help parents know what assignments are due when. The homework-schedule book provides teachers, parents, and students with a means of daily communication about academic and behavior issues.
    Parent Surveys:  Two parent surveys are sent home to all families to obtain ideas for school activities and parent workshops. In one survey, parents are asked to evaluate the school on a wide array of issues (friendliness, amount of homework, school rules, property appearance, staff accessibility, academic issues, and the like) and are given choices of topics they would like to learn more about along with choices of days and times that they are available to participate in the workshops. In the other survey, parents are asked what activities they would like to see conducted in the school (fall festival, curriculum night, and the like) and how they might be willing to help with the events and activities.
    Weekly Folders: Teachers send home reports, announcements, special communications, and papers each week in the Tuesday Folders. Parents are asked to review the papers, sign reports and return them to the classroom teacher. Parents are encouraged to write comments or questions to the teachers and place them in the Tuesday Folders.
    Website: Mineral Springs Elementary School has a website for parents. Academic links are included along with important school information. The website is updated frequently, and parents and students are encouraged to utilize all the information that is available on the school webpage. Each teacher also has a webpage that is updated regularly and provides information about class activities, homework, and classroom standards and expectations.
    Parent Assist: Parent Assist allows parents to access student information via any Internet access at work or at home. Parent Assist uses web access to serve the family and improve the effectiveness of the communication between teachers and parents along with improved parent involvement and real-time student progress reports for parents.
    Blackboard/Connect 5: Parents are contacted with an automated telephone call with announcements about important information and up-coming events on an as-needed basis.
    Parent Handbook: A Mineral Springs Elementary School Parent Handbook is sent home with each student. School policies, attendance requirements, dress code, school hours and special information about Old Town Elementary are included in the handbook.
    Awards Day: Parents are invited to attend awards ceremonies held at times to be announced. Students are acknowledged for achievements in several areas such as academics, character, art shows, good citizenship and special events.
    Ensuring that Information is Understandable: With a majority Hispanic/Latino population, it is imperative that information is understandable by our parents. Interpreters are provided for all school-wide assemblies and Alert Now announcements, and as needed for parent-teacher conferences. All materials sent home are in both English and Spanish.
    Lucila Paredes de Gordon
    Home School/Parental Involvement Coordinator
    "Your Personal link to being a Volunteer, and also a bridge to your Community & School Resources" 
    Contact - leparedesdegordon@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    (336) 703-6778
Last Modified on January 31, 2019