• Hello! I am Miss April Hanks, and I have been teaching first grade at Moore for 12 years. I graduated from Appalachian State University, then earned my teaching degree at Salem College. I love teaching first grade!

    How can you support and strengthen your child's first-grade experience?

    TALK ABOUT RULES. School rules are different from home rules, and it is very important to respect and obey the school rules. School rules help everyone to be treated safely and fairly. I have high expectations for my students' behavior, so that each child can learn without disruptions.

    READ.READ.READ Read with your child often! Talk about what might happen next in a story. Track the words with your finger as you read to build a connection between what is being seen and heard. Look at illustrations together. Find words on the page that might match the picture.

    MATH. Count everything! Make sets of 10, 5, or 2 and count again. Sort everything: laundry, tableware, or anything with a rule (all blue things together, all socks together, big spoons/little spoons, etc.)! Talk about space shapes (cone, rectangular prism, cube, sphere, cylinder) and find examples all around you! Make patterns! Talk about how two things are different, and how they are the same! Find opportunities to talk about more (greater) than and less (fewer) than.

    WRITE. Draw a picture, then write to tell about the picture. Work together to find letters for sounds you hear in a word (sound out). Expect sentences to begin with a capital and end with a period, and to relate to the picture or topic. Begin limiting capital letter use to the first letter in a name or sentence.

    SELF-CONTROL. Explore quiet ways to express happiness and unhappiness (draw, write, whisper). Emphasize taking turns and waiting quietly. Model standing quietly, hands by side, feet still. Talk about why we stand and walk in a line.

    SELF-HELP. Be sure your child can fasten and unfasten his or her own pants and belt, and encourage tying shoe laces. Practice opening milk cartons and water bottles, ketchup packets, and juice pouches independently. Practice correct hand-washing (wet, soap, rinse, dry). Practice tissue manners (one at a time, blow/wipe, place in trash can).

    INSTILL SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY. Encourage good homework habits, such as working in a quiet place (no TV), taking care of his or her own things, keeping belongings together in the proper place. When homework time is over, have your child put assignments back in their folders and return them to their bookbag. It is a good idea to keep the bookbag by the door so it will not be forgotten. If homework is not done, please send a written excuse to prevent consequences.

    HEALTH MATTERS! First-graders need 10 or more hours of sleep each night in order to be effective learners. Please send your child to school refreshed, fed, clean and comfortable each day. We will go outside every day, so please be sure your child has sturdy shoes (no flip-flop sandals) and weather appropriate clothes. During cold weather, send your child to school with a coat every day. If he or she does not feel well or has a fever, please keep your child at home to prevent the spread of germs. Children with fever will be sent home. It is recommended that sick childre remain home until fever or vomiting has been absent for 24 hours.

    EXPECT MISTAKES! Raising strong, secure children is not easy. Children learn best when they feel well and safe. I my students and want to work with you to teach them. Please feel free to e-mail me at ahanks@wsfcs.k12.nc.us with any questions. I am available for conferences BY APPOINTMENT ONLY please. You may leave a message for me in the school office, and I will return your call after 3:45. I am proud to have your student in my class!
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