• Name: David Bass
    Subject: Fifth Grade Teacher
    Contact info: dbass@wsfcs.k12.nc.us   (336) 727-2860      
                                            Mr. Bass's 5th Grade
    Upcoming Events
    June 3-All Media center books are due 
    June 8- 5th Grade Celebration
    June 8- 5th Grade Skate Party 
    • EOG Testing Schedule

    • ELA - Tuesday, May 31st

    • Math - Wednesday, June 1st

          We are excited about our team and doing the best we can for your child. As we tackle academics, we’ll work towards making your child feel comfortable in the grade level.  Listed below are our expectations and we would appreciate it if you would reinforce this with your child at home.  This year your child will take a Reading, Math, and Science EOG test.
    HOMEWORK - Homework assignments are to be completed outside the regular class period. Homework assignments are posted on your child’s teacher’s webpage.  Homework is used to reinforce what has been taught that day.  Students need a quiet place to work and a regular schedule for doing homework (30-75 minutes daily).  Students are responsible for keeping a daily written record for all assignments in the Student Planner.  Each student has been issued a Student Planner.  If this planner is lost, it must be replaced.  A good student is organized and we will be working throughout the year on organizational skills.  Please check over your child’s homework daily.  It is a good way to know what your child is studying in school.
    READING - Students need to read at home everyday. They have a choice of reading books from our Media Center, the Public Library or personal books.  The books must be at or above the student’s reading level.  Students will be required to participate in the Accelerated Reader program.  This means that they must pass the computerized tests with a score of at least 70%. Students who make their goal each month will be rewarded. Students will also have reading homework daily.  It is important to carefully read and follow the reading strategies when completing these assignments.
    WRITING –Fifth graders will have 3 writing tests, one of which will be a research paper. There will also be spelling homework and a weekly spelling test.  It is important that the spelling assignments are completed on time and the spelling words are reviewed daily. 
    MATH – Fifth grade students need to become proficient in multiplication and division early in the year. Weekly facts and measurement tests will be given.  Reviewing these skills nightly will help them reach this goal. There are many online resources that can be helpful in these areas.  These links can be found on the teacher’s webpage. Math homework is assigned daily. Students complete these assignments on time and always show their work.  It is very important to ask questions in class if they don’t understand the assignments. Students may access their math textbook online.
    SCIENCE/SOCIAL STUDIES – Projects and written assignments are given as needed in conjunction with the units being studied.  All students are required to participate in the Moore School Science Fair. 5th graders are tested in science.  It is important that students know and understand the science vocabulary.  Frequent vocabulary tests are given to ensure the vocabulary is understood. Be sure you keep up with the vocabulary and not only know the definitions, but understand them so you can apply these terms. We will be participating in many hands-on activities, and we will be using our laptop computers for many lessons.
    HONOR ROLL – Students who receives all A’s and B’s on their report card will be recognized on the 5th grade Honor Board.  Students meeting their AR goal as well as those making 100% on math facts are also recognized. 
    FIELD TRIPS – You will soon receive information regarding field trips.
    TAKE HOME ENVELOPE – FIFTH GRADE STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO RETURN ALL STUDENT WORK  ALONG WITH THEIR SIGNED TUESDAY TAKE HOME ENVELOPE.  The consequence for students who do not follow the above by Thursday morning is that they will have the opportunity to dine alone in the cafeteria each day until the envelope & all papers are returned.  If you are unable to return the envelope by Thursday morning, a parent or guardian must write a note explaining the reason.  
      Volunteer Information 
    **Important volunteer updates. Please read this carefully.**
          All volunteers working in the classroom must be on the approved volunteer list.  Even if you have volunteered before, if you want to volunteer at school this year, you must go online and update your volunteer application. This is a quick process that just requires you to indicate which schools they are going to volunteer at this year.
          Parents who have never volunteered must go online and complete a new volunteer application.  You can access the applications by going to www.wsfcsvolunteers.com. Parents can choose whether they want to be one of two types of volunteers: 
            - Supervised volunteer (Level 1)= clerical assistant, proctor, health room assistant, supervised class volunteer.
            - Unsupervised volunteer (Level 2)= Augustine Tutor, Media Center Volunteer, Day Field Trip, One-on-One Tutor, or Reading Buddy.
           Completing the online application is just step 1 in becoming an approved volunteer.  All Moore Volunteers must also complete a Moore Volunteer Training/Confidentiality Form, which they can get from the office.
       Before someone can work in any volunteer capacity, they must be on the approved volunteer list. 
       Moore School P.B.I.S. Promise

    I am proud to be a Moore School student.

    I promise to be SMART.

    I will be Safe.

    I will Make good choices.

    I will Accept responsibility.

    I will be Respectful to others and to myself.

    I will Try my best everyday.

    I am proud to be SMART at Moore School!


    Classroom SMART Rules



    *Walk in the classroom.

    *Keep your hands, feet,and other objects to yourself.

     Making Good Choices

    *Raise your hand and wait quietly to be called on.

    *Listen carefully and follow directions.

    *Read the board and always be prepared.
      Accepting Responsibility

    *Complete and turn in your assignments on time.

    *Take responsibility and accept the consequences for your



    *Respect others and their property.

    *Use your manners.


    Trying My Best

    *Do your very best and be proud of your


    *Ask questions if you don’t understand.