• Bienvenidos a la Clase de Español de la Señora Carrillo!
    Name:                    Magaly Carrillo
    Subject:                 Spanish/ Int. World Languages 
    Contact info:          (336) 703-6732 at WSPA on B DAYS Room # 301 on third floor.
                                                  996- 5566   at KMS on A DAYS Room # 401
    My name is Señora Carrillo. I was born in Ecuador in South America. I have lived in the USA for 22 years, and I am an American Citizen. My husband Gonzalo and I have two sons, one 10 years old, Steven, and the other 22 years old is Gonzalo, Jr.
    I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Education from the Technical University of Loja-Ecuador with a Major in Educational Theory and Methodology. I studied further at Winston Salem State University and Salem College, majoring in Spanish Education.   
    I am so excited to continue working at WSPA. This school year I am only be B Days at WSPA and A Days at KMS. This is my 14th year teaching. I have taught all grades from kindergarten through 12th grade in North Carolina as well as in Ecuador. I look forward to getting back to the upper grades.
    I try to create a positive learning atmosphere using music, dances, performing arts, reading, using Power Point presentations and technology (Smart Boards).  I expect my classes to use the internet to research certain aspects of Spanish culture as well as the mechanics of speech, writing, and reading. 
    Spanish has existed in many different areas and I try to incorporate aspects of lessons that show where Spanish has been used throughout the world.  Since Spanish is a foreign language, it requires intensive listening skills but, above all, respect for different cultures. In order to have a positive and excellent learning environment, students must be disciplined and respectful.
    We are going to study the four areas in Spanish:  listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Listening is the most important of these. I work diligently to teach completely , 100% in Spanish.   Naturally, I make accommodations from the beginning to the end of the term.
    Rest assured I will employ all current and progressive learning techniques to make sure your student develops as complete and thorough an understanding of "wholistic Spanish" as possible.  My students and my work are very important for me. I am so happy of continuing teaching Spanish this year!