• Name: Suzanne Krebs
    Subject: 3rd Grade
    Contact info:skrebs@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
      Welcome to a new school year!  I'm excited to again be in 3rd grade this year.  I have been at Moore since 1985 (Geneva Brown hired me when we moved from Nebraska to North Carolina) but this is the second year I have had a classroom with one group of students all day so I feel like an old "new" teacher.  Learning (especially all of the new technology) keeps me young so this year promises to again be a fountain of youth for me!  I am looking forward to meeting my wise and wonderful new third graders.  One big change I noticed in third grade is the importance of planners.  We will work very hard at fostering independence in the students and making them responsible for knowing what their homework is on a daily basis. Please look at your child's planner and initial it every day so they will know you value this habit, too.  Happy New School Year!