"Escape to Morocco"
    Date:  April 20th, 2013
    Time:  7:00pm - 11:00pm
    Location:  The Anderson Center at Winston-Salem State University
    DJ:  Wesley Clowers
    Price:  $30 per person -CASH ONLY (NO tickets will be sold at the Prom Doors)
    1. Tickets will go on sale during the week of April 15th during all three lunches.
    2. These tickets will be non-refundable and will only be sold for CASH. All students must have a valid ID to purchase a prom ticket (this includes "dates"). 
    4. JUNIORS that did not take the ACT test MAY NOT attend the prom.
    5. ALL FEES MUST BE PAID BEFORE A STUDENT MAY PURCHASE A TICKET! This includes any prom date.  All fees must be paid in full (Media Center, Middle School Fees, Calculator, Textbook, Parking etc.). 
    6. Any student who brings a date that does not attend East Forsyth High School must complete a visiting date form. These forms are available outside of the main office or or you may download a copy here. You must have this form in order to purchase tickets and the form must be signed by your parent/guardian. 
    7. All prom attendendees MUST have a valid ID to enter the prom.
    8. All students may be subject to a breathalizer test before being admitted to the prom.
    9. Pictures will be taken by a commercial photographer beginning at 6:00pm.  You may wish to come early for pictures then go to dinner.  The photographer's price flyer will be available when you purchase your prom tickets along with a sign-up sheet for early picture times.  The photographer must be paid at the dance.  Checks are to be made out to LIFETOUCH PHOTOGRAPHY, not to East.  No check written for East will be accepted.
    10. LOST TICKETS:  If any Junior or Senior loses his/her ticket, the replacement cost is the regular price per ticket.  No refunds.
    11. DRESS:  Young ladies may wear long or short dresses, however, NO BANDEAU-TOP dresses are permitted.  A tuxedo, suit or dress jacket with a shirt, tie and dress slacks are appropriate for gentlemen.
    12. Once Admitted, you must remain inside the ballroom or lobby.  IF YOU EXIT - YOU WILL NOT BE RE-ADMITTED.
    13. Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs are NOT ALLOWED.  Any violations will result in suspension with a possible recommendation to the Superintendent for expulsion.
    14. All dance moves should be in good taste.
Last Modified on March 22, 2013