• Welcome!  I'm Maree Webster, Technology Facilitator and Technology Education teacher at Hall-Woodward Elementary School.  I'm very excited to be an Instructional Technologist during this time in education when EVERYTHING is changing due to technology use in schools!


    My duties at Hall-Woodward include direct instruction in computer skills for students and staff, designing and delivering advanced training for staff on integrating technology in classrooms, designing and co-teaching technology-inclusive lessons, troubleshooting problems with computers and other technology, and maintaining the Hall-Woodward Elementary School website.  If I can assist you with anything related to these types of things, please let me know.

    About Me

    Participating in the North Carolina Teaching Fellows program at East Carolina University provided me with extra preparation to become a successful teacher.  I earned my Bachelor's in Elementary Education from ECU, and over the years added certifications to instruct students with a variety of cognitive disabilities while teaching in resource and self-contained settings. In 2008 I completed my Master's degree in Instructional Technology online through East Carolina University before becoming the Technology Education teacher at North Hills Elementary.  I'm very excited to be joining the Hall-Woodward Elementary School family for the 2015-2016 school year!

    I first became interested in computers back in elementary school when I was allowed to work with LOGO Turtle.  In high school I became the Mac and PC editor for our yearbook, and while earning my undergraduate degree, I completed an advanced class in using technology in the classroom as well as managing one of the campus computer labs.  Altogether I've been using computers for about 25 years and have been online since 1994.  I've always been known as the unofficial "technology guru" at each school where I've taught, and I am delighted to be in my current position which allows me to focus on teaching technology skills.  I have particular interests in teaching children digital literacy - not just how to access information efficiently, but how to evaluate what they find and safely collaborate with others to creatively use existing information to develop new ideas through web 2.0 platforms - as well as exploring the use of online teaching and learning for both adults and children, especially in virtual environments and through online gaming (such as MineCraft).

    If you have questions about your child's use of computers, or the Internet, or would like to volunteer in the computer lab or during a technology-inclusive lesson (and maybe pick up a few new computer skills for yourself), please feel free to contact me.

    Maree Webster :)
    K - 5th Grade Digital Learning and Computer Skills Teacher
    Technology Support I, and Webmaster
    Hall-Woodward Elementary School
    125 Nicholson Rd.
    Winston-Salem, NC 27107
    (336) 703-4238