• Students in Forsyth County have opportunities unlike those in any other system in North Carolina. Programs exist to serve every different kind of student. Parents at all levels have a say in where their children go to school.

    Parents can choose from their neighborhood schools, another school in their zones or from 21 magnet programs. High school students can earn college credit in more than 30 Advanced Placement courses, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, and courses at local colleges and universities.

    At every school, students are led by teachers and staff members dedicated to helping them grow as students and people. Parents, students, schools and the community work together to build the leaders of tomorrow.

    Elementary and middle schools are divided into zones, and families can choose from among the schools in their residential schools each spring during the Schools of Choice process. To learn more about how students are assigned to schools and how you can choose a school, please visit the Student Assignment page.

    To see what your residential schools and zones are, please use the school locator, a website that uses your home address to determine your schools and zones. School locations and directions can be found on the School Directory page.

    *All school sites are created and maintained by the faculty and staff of each school.