• Dear Educator, 
    Research continues to show the importance of positive teaching conditions to student achievement and educator retention. That is why I want to provide you with the opportunity to have your voice heard in the upcoming eighth statewide NC Teacher Working Conditions (NC TWCS) Survey.  
    Since 2002, your responses to the statewide survey have helped to shape education policy to improve conditions for teaching and learning in your school, district, and the entire state. For example, the school-level data from the survey is an important component of the NC Educator Effectiveness Evaluations fro teachers and administrators.  Survey results are also required to be integrated in annual school and district improvement plans.  But we must continue to hear the voices of our educators so that every school has the best learning conditions for students.  
    As in previous iterations of the survey of the NC TWCS all school, districts, and state results will be available online in May.  Your school's results will not be available unless at least 40 percent of the educators in your school submit their responses.  
    Please click the link below to begin your survey. 
    NC Listens  
Last Modified on March 21, 2016