•  SIT Team
     The School Improvement Team (SIT) meets monthly to discuss schoolwide programs, policy, and general procedures.  The SIT provides leadership and a collaborative partnership forum for all school stakeholders. The SIT is responsible for the School Improvement Plan, an ongoing, data-driven process to provide continuous improvement for our school. 
    If you are a parent or community member who is interested in becoming a member of our SIT, please contact us at (336) 703-4176.
    2022-2023  SIT Members
    L. Wilson-Moore, Principal S. Hamilton, Asst. Principal  K. Langley, 4-5 MCL
    I. Patterson, Literacy Coach L. Parmley, 2-3 MCL R. Ziegler, K-1 MCL
    J. Everhart, Specialist V. McGeachy, Pre-K J. Rogers, Kindergarten
    C. Rich (chair), 1st grade S. Bright, 2nd grade S. Lovejoy (minutes), 3rd grade
    P. Rattley, 4th grade K. Treuren (co-chair), 5th grade L. Bowser, EC
    A. Sanders, Behavior Specialist T. Gaither, Support Staff  T. Sanders, Guidance Counselor


     SIT meetings:    
    Monday, Sept. 19 Monday, Oct. 17 Monday, Nov. 21
    Monday, Jan. 9 Monday, Feb. 13 Monday, March 20
     Monday, May 1 Monday, June 5  
Last Modified on September 20, 2022