• WS/FCS appreciates the services provided to students and staff by its volunteers.


    All volunteers must now register online at the following address:


    This will only take about 10 minutes to complete.


    There are 3 types of volunteers:

    • Level 0 Volunteers - do not have direct contact or supervision of students, such as office clerical assistance, fund-raising activities, proctors, landscaping projects, athletics concession sales, school fairs, or guest speakers;  no formal screening or training is required

    • Level I Volunteers - have direct contact with and controlled access to students under the supervision of the professional staff;  these volunteers work hand in hand with teachers and students and are never with a student in a one-on-one situation; examples include teacher assistants, bus drivers, main office front desk help, booster volunteers

    • Level II Volunteers - may have direct contact with and supervision of students for extended periods of time without direct supervision of the professional staff; this includes chaperones for field trips.  Additional screening is required for these volunteers

      • There is a 45 day lead time for the applications to be approved.  ALL volunteers MUST complete this form before helping at the school.