• hot air balloonsWelcome to Mrs. Hampton's Fourth Grade hot air balloons
     Mischelle Hampton
    Fourth Grade 
                                    pencils Fourth Grade Supply List 2015-2016
    • 1 box of crayons or colored pencils
    •  loose leaf paper (wide rule)
    •  #2 pencils 
    •  tissues
    • 1 pencil pouch/zippered
    • 3 spiral books (wide rule) 
    • 3 pocket folders
    • 1 book bag/back pack (no wheels)
    • Hand sanitizer (Purell/Dial/GermX)

                                               Rules and Expectations notebook  

    1. Respect yourself and others in everything you say and do.
    2. Be silent when someone else has permission to speak.
    3. Stay seated unless you have permission to get up.
    4. Work quietly without disturbing others who are working.
    5. Follow directions the first time they are given from all adults in authority.