• Special Education Facilator
    Penny Shackleford
    I grew up in the Forsyth County area and attended Bishop Mcguinness High School.  While in high school, I participated in sports and continued to play sports through college.  As an undergraduate, I was undecided as to the profession I wished to pursue. I became fascinated with the psychologies of learning and soon found a career in Exceptional Education.  Later, I specialized in the field of struggling
    students.  I have been teaching now for 20apple years and continue to learn new and effective strategies to assist those students who struggle to learn and retain new information.


    Exceptional Education students will be competing in an incentive program that challenges them to read more books. Students will have a certain amount of time weekly to self select material and be assessed on their independent readings. Assessments will vary in form: story retell to the teacher, AR test, or teacher made test from classroom books. At the conclusion of the quarter, students who have obtain his/her reading goal will receive rewards at this time.