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          JROTC stands for the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, this program is designed to enhance the leadership 
    skills of young citizens and motivate them to be better citizens.
    Within the Iron Eagle Battalion, we have several motivated and 
    dedicated cadets (students) who would like to become better leaders in the school 
    and community.
     Each cadet is required to wear their JROTC uniform EVERY WEDNESDAY they have the class. The uniform grades weigh heavily on the cadet's overall course grade and their standing in the Battalion.
    Every Army JROTC unit has a form of cadet staff. The battalion staff consists of similar jobs that the U.S Army provides to officers. Each member of the staff has earned their positions over the years they have been in JROTC by showing strength in their position. This years staff can be found in the tabs to the left.
    We have five afterschool teams: Drill Team, Raider Team, 
    Rifle Team, Honor Guard, and Color Guard. Cadets who are interested may join these teams to improve their skills in drill, marksmanship, land navigation, and physical fitness. The corresponding team pages may be found on the left side of the site.
      Just a reminder, JROTC is NOT a recruitment program, there is no military obligation. We are here to show future and present cadets all of the possibilities one could shape their career after high school, the military or just simply owning a business.
         Our battalion is slowly but surely rolling out of the dark ages and moving into the technological age. We have recently adopted a computer program that lets our cadets use mobile clickers, or remotes, to take tests just by clicking a button from their seats. To add on to the modern age of our battalion, we are adopting social media! Our social media links can be found below!
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Last Modified on September 6, 2018