• Welcome to Ms. Meadows' Classroom!
    Welcome!  Congratulations on becoming a fifth grader!  You are in for an amazing journey.
    Let me tell you a little about myself.  I have just finished my fourth year of teaching at Old Richmond Elementary, and I have loved every minute of it.  I am looking forward to this upcoming year.
    I have a background in film and photography, so you can expect to do a lot of multi-media projects in my classroom.  We are going to have a lot of fun learning this year. 
    I believe that every child is unique, but collectively our achievements can be greater when we work together.  As such, I have high expectations for all students to respect themselves and each other.  I will commit myself fully to supporting both academic and emotional growth.  I feel extremely priveleged to be an educator.
    I am looking forward to getting to know each of you as we take this journey together, and I imagine I will learn as much from you as I hope to teach each of you.
    1.  Listen when others are talking.
    2.  Follow all directions.
    3. Come to class prepared.
    4. Respect yourself, each other, and the environment.
    All homework assignments are expected to be complete and turned in on time.  Students will be given a one day grace period.  After the second day, the assignment grade will be lowered five points for each day that it is late.  All assignments will be recorded daily in the students' agendas.
    Spelling -  Students will have a weekly contract of 20 words with daily homework Monday thru Wednesday.
    Reading - Students are expected to complete a weekly read and respond contract.  Students will also complete book club projects each quarter.
    Math - The fifth grade math curriculum is extremely rigorous.  Students can expect to have daily homework Monday thru Thursday.
    Science/Social Studies - Homework will be assigned approximately two to three times a week along with one or two major projects per quarter.
    Writing - Students will complete a variety of projects over the course of the year.
    Homework is each student's opportunity to practice what they have learned.  It also allows me to assess each student's understanding and plan future lessons.
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