I'm so happy to start a new school year ( 2020-2021)! I know our children will learn many new skills. I  would like to share some cool activities that you can do at home to keep that progress going. Remember have fun learning. 
        Ms. Kimbrough    
         Literacy-This area exposes our children to vocabulary and helps them become part of conversation in the home, school and community.
    *Activity-After you finished reading a book to your child; have them "read" the book back to you. This will give you an idea on much your child remembered from the story. You can also re-enact the story with puppets, drawings or Lego structures.
         Science-This area teaches our children to explore the world around them and expand their minds.

    * Activity- Even a walk around the yard can provide many opportunities to introduce your child to science concepts by helping them to observe what's around them.Take a walk with a magnifying glass. As you walk, stop and—depending on the season—ask your child to use the lens to examine things such as the following:


    Leaves(from the same tree, one on the ground and one on the tree)

    A flower


    A mud puddle

    A rock
         Mathematics-This area is very important because math is around us all the time. Our children will need this skill in order to be ready for the “real world”.
    *Activity-Play number games during everyday activities, such as counting the number of steps, the number of trucks you see while driving, or counting the number of items going in the laundry.
    SocialStudies- The world we live in today is very diverse, with that been said we have to get our children ready to
     interact with people whom are different in many ways.


    Activity-Take your child to observe the different kinds of stores in your city:groceries, dry cleaners, tailors, barber shops, clothing boutiques, bookstores,toy stores. Your child will learn what each store sells, where the merchandise comes from, who the customers might be, and why each is important.
    I hope you find these activities useful with your child and family.