•  Welcome to Ms. Staley's Music Notes
    Name: Denette Staley
    Subject: Music
    Contact info: dstaley@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
         Welcome to Music at Piney Grove Elementary.  I look forward to teaching your child / children this school year.  Students will be learning about composers, artists, rhythm, instruments and their families, correct instrumental and mallet technique,  different styles of music, correct singing and posture, as well as note reading and notation.  Students will also have opportunities to experience many other hands on and movement activities. 
         Third through fifth grade students will also have the opportunity to learn the recorder (woodwind instrument) and earn belt levels in Recorder Karate.  Fourth and fifth grade students will have the opportunity to participate in Chorus which begins October 1.
         My daily goal is to make music fun while presenting a variety of learning opportunities including: dance, movement, instrument playing, and literature. 
         My yearly goal is to equip students with basic music reading skills in hopes that, once in middle school, they will be knowledgeable, confident, and enthusiastic about continuing their musical interests and education through band, orchestra or chorus.   
         My ultimate goal is to help students develop a life-long appreciation for the arts understanding that, for some, that may take the form of attending a concert while for others it may take the form of performing in the concert.  
                                           Engage all.  Leave no musician behind.
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