Welcome to
    Mrs. Allen And Mrs. White's Kindergarten
      Our vision for our classroom is as follows:
    "Every child reaches their full potential to be successful in an environment that provides love and safety.
    We realize that all children learn differently, and as their teachers we will provide a variety of
    learning experiences to help them reach their individual goals for this important start to their education."
    In order for our vision to be successful, we need parents on our team!  Never hesitate
    to call or email me with questions or concerns.  Keep in mind I may not respond until the
    school day is over so if you have an emergency please let the office know.
    Rural Hall Elementary 703-6789

      Reinforcement at Home (Make it fun!)
    Kindergarten has changed so much throughout the years.  Our day is packed with learning and we expect so much out of our children.  The following are a few ideas I wanted to share with you to use at home as reinforcement for the concepts we are teaching in the class.
    Reading- Letters/Word Wall Words/Numbers
     -Have the students write with their finger into shaving cream spread out on tinfoil, paint sealed in a ziplock bag, or sand in a flat pan.
     -Magnetics on the fridge.
     -Glueing pasta, cereal, etc. onto letters, words, or numbers written on paper.
     -Using websites if you have access to a computer.
     abcya.com      starfall.com     pbskids.com

    Daily Class Schedule
    7:55-8:30= Reading/Language Arts
    8:30-9:00= Writing
    9:05-9:55= Encore classes (see below)
    9:50-11:00= Guided Reading groups
    11:05-11:35= Lunch
    2:00-2:20=Pack-up/ Read Aloud
     Encore Schedule        
    Monday= Library
                                                                                                                            Tuesday= Science Lab
                                                                                                                            Wednesday= Art
                                                                                                                              Thursday= Music
                                                                                                                              Friday= PE 

     The supply list for 2014-2015  is on the first page of the school website or click on the link.
    Our Class Expectations
    In Kindergarten we like to give chances because we know everyone makes mistakes!  Our class expectations are as follows:
    1. Always do your best!
    2. Follow directions the first time.
    3. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
    4. Respect others and their things.
    5. Do not talk while others are talking.


    Name: Amy Allen
    Subject: Kindergarten
    Some pictures are from SchoolWires, some from AnimationFactory.com and are used with permission or licenses.  All student photos have parent permission.