Welcome to Ms. Hicks' Class!
    There's A "Minion Reasons "Minion Reasons To Love Third Grade
    Please check your child's GO Notebook each day.  This notebook and the weekly Tuesday Folder will have messages from school, updates, homework, permissions, and important information.  Thank you for all of your support.  Don't forget our monthly CiCi's Pizza Night. A portion of the proceeds goes to our school to further assist our students. Also just a reminder about our partnership with local stores such as Target, Staples, Food Lion etc. Use our school code every time you make a purchase and we will receive a percentage of the money for our school!
    See the calender for upcoming events!!
    Name: Angela Hicks
    Subject: Third Grade
    Some pictures are from SchoolWires, some from AnimationFactory.com and are used with permission or licenses.  All student photos have parent permission.