WELCOME TO MY FANTASTIC CLASS!  WE ARE THE BEST FOURTH GRADE CLASS EVER! We will be learning so much this year and will have such a good time doing it!  We'll need to work hard in class, do our homework, and come to class on time every day to achieve the successes that I know you can achieve.  Most importantly, we all must come to school everyday with good attitudes and with enthusiasm.  SUCCESS IS NOT AN OPTION...IT IS AN EXPECTATION.  we will ALL succeed in being good students, being excellent citizens, and being SUPER BULLDOGS! 

                                                                                     back to school
     I love animals but don't have any pets at the present time.  I bet most of you have pets, though.  Don't forget to play with your pets. These fall days are always gorgeous and just perfect for outside playtime with dogs and cats. They need the exercise and so do you! Remember to give them plenty of fresh water every day ...water a plant with the water you are pouring out..., give your pets a DRY place to lie down,  a nice warm shelter for these fall cool days and nights and by all means, give them a daily good brushing (It feels good, helps get rid of fleas and ticks, and gives your pet a clean soft coat).  Be sweet and kind and good to them because they thinkYOU are pretty special! :-)
    BULLDOG PRIDEbulldog                   
    Alright now, all you Bulldogs. We know how to show our PRIDE, so here we go! Woof!  Woof!!  WOOF!!!
    • P - practice self-control
    • R - respect yourself and others
    • I -  include kindness daily
    • D - demonstrate responsibility
    • E - expect SUCCESS!
    homework  Homework Assignments for 2014-2015
    Requirements for successful home assignments: 
    • Specific quiet place away from noise and distractions,
    • Consistent time each night for completing and reviewing work, 
    • Place homework in backpack immediately after completing the work. .

    Math is about 8-10 problems or worksheets nearly every night.  SHOW YOUR WORK when appropriate.  Always review math facts each night, especially multiplication and division .  This is very important since we will be working on fractions and decimals sooner than you think!  

    Language practice sheets are sent home several times a month to practice our grammar concepts.  Punctuation, capitalization, spelling, as well as practice on nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs are included in these assignments.

    Book Reports are optional but are a good way to get extra credit, if you need it.  They are due the day we go to the Media Center.  The report needs to be about three-fourths of a page.  Write the title and author in a sentence, then tell (in three or four sentences) a summary of what you  have read.  Let me know in the report if you like the book and why you like the book (or if you don't like the book and why).  Would you recommend the book to your classmates?  Why or why not?  If the book is a thick chapter book, several weeks may be taken to complete it, so several book reports may be written on it.

    Be sweet and kind and good.  Take your pets to the vet for their shots and give them fresh water everyday and a dry, warm place during these chilly spring nights.
    Name: Beverly Leonard
    Subject: Fourth Grade
    Some pictures are from SchoolWires, some from AnimationFactory.com and are used with permission or licenses.  All student photos have parent permission.