Welcome To Mr. Moss' Art Classcrayons drawing
    These are some art appreciation topics our student's will study:  the art of famous artists' past and present and their style of techniques.  Our students will use several mediums that make our world so vast in creativity some the application of : tempera paints, clay, fiber/paper, watercolor, weaving, collage, drawing, pencils, markers, and more!
    Classroom Expectations:

        In the visual arts curriculum it is expected for our art students to apply themselves in a creative manner. Our students learn together by applying their imagination. All students will excel through an Art Based Learning process that correlates several core disciplines. It will become obvious to them that art transcends all disciplines.



        Students will carry their PRIDE throughout their daily learning. PRIDE is written in full detail in our student handbook. Instructional time is valuable it must always benefit the entire class.


    Dear Students and Parents,

        I am excited about teaching art once again at Rural Hall Elementary School. I love art; it inspires me each day. I have traveled across many  continents  to see some of the most famous works of art and also to experience the cultures where they originated. I hope our students will excel from the creative knowledge they obtain from me teaching art.

          I am an active witness to Rural Hall Elementary being an excellent school ; it has educated some of the most talented artists in Forsyth County. We have had a variety of students awarded on the local, state and International level with outstanding honors of recognition. I find it important to make our students aware of our student art winners whether they are International gold medalists or local recipients. They all have an active connection to the Great Masters of Art that have impacted our world. At the closing of our school year  2011-2012 , these students were awarded as, 42nd Pentel International Children's Art Exhibition winners: Lyric Cotton Gold Medal, Beyounce Reynolds Silver Medal, Kiley Lickfeld Bronze Medal, Adah Stancil Bronze Medal and Isis Dalton Pentel Award. We also had students recognized for being extremely imaginative.These students put together a paper quilt of portraits their theme was Everyone's A Hero; Melanie Calan, Aaron Muse, Shelby Caudle, Caleb Morgan, Jessie Soloc, Talijah Lee, Sumer Stanley, Nadirah Muhammad, Cameron Furches, Andrew Snderson, Amirinder Natt, Marin Peterson, Kimberly Sells, Jesse Neal, Kolby Harrah, Maya Spencer, Lindsey Le Pere and Eric Holman.This was a joint effort with the Rural Hall Historical Society. A ribbon was awarded at the Dixie Classic Fair.
    Last year 2010-2011 these students were awarded  medals in celebration of the 41st Pentel International  Children's Art Exhibition! They were: Mark Greene, Gold Medal Winner!, Robert Dudley, Silver Medal Winner! Jessica Barnes, Bronze Medal Winner! and Ashlyn Parker, Bronze Medal Winner! They share their international honor with of our local honorees.Congratulations!
         Yearly, I display student's artwork at the Stokes County Fair, Dixie Classic Fair, Old Salem Fine Arts Center, Reynolda House Museum of American Art, Old Salem Visitor's Center, Rural Hall Public Library, Pentel International Children's Art Exhibition, Artsonia.com and our business partner's sites.We currently have artwork on display at the State Employment Credit Union on University Parkway.Also, William Barber a third grade student,has a still life painting added to a permanent insulation at the State Employment Credit Union Family House. Barber also has a painting in a traveling show that is displayed presently at the St.Philips African Moravian Church. It is the oldest African American church still standing in the state of  North Carolina and one of the earliest in the entire country.KUDOS! Mary Hansley had her Seasonal Card Design selected by Ms.Panthea Briles Executive Assistant and Director of Board Services.Sarah Smith had her Seasonal Card Design selected by our principal Mr. Hall.Over 200 cards were mailed to: WS/FCS administrative office's, elementary ,middle and high schools and our business partners.
    Grading Policy: Students are motivated to always do their best!


    Attendance: Students are encouraged to avoid being absent they will miss something important.


    *The display of student's artwork is covered by our school-wide written consent form.
    Some pictures are from Schoolworks, some from Animation Factory.com and are used with permission or licenses.  All student photos have parent permission.
    These are some links to explore that relate to the visual arts: http://artsonia.com
    Name:  Mr. Moss
    Subject:  Art
    Contact inf:  336-703-6789