• Name: Dawn Weavil

    Subject: Math and Science (AIG)
    Welcome to our class website.
       5th Grade AIG   
    Mrs. Dawn Weavil
                                                                                                                Sedge Garden Elementary
         Welcome to 5th grade at Sedge Garden.  I am so excited to get this year started! 
         Parents, please remember to check over and sign your child's planner nightly.  This is where I send you messages, and notify you of events that are happening in our classes.  By signing the Planner, this tells me that you checked to see if your child completed his/her homework.  I know that this is difficult with all that goes on nightly, but students are still struggling with understanding what they are reading and how problems need to be solved.  Thank you so much for your support.   As the year progresses students will be expected to be more accountable for their assignments and I will not be checking for signatures daily, but will check randomly.  When that time comes, please make sure that your child notifies me if you have written a note in the Planner.  Also, I will get back to you via email.
                                                                               My email address is:    adweavil@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
            As you probably already know, the 5th graders have their own laptops to use at school.  Each student is assigned their own and are responsible for it.  They must maintain it's utmost care!  Fifth graders will get their laptops each morning after unpacking their backpack to begin their morning work.  
         Students will also have accounts with Pearson Math, and Edmodo.  They will have assignments and quizzes to complete on both of these web accounts.  Tutorials and reteaching opportunities will be available on both of these accounts.  Please put your Usernames and Passwords in a safe and easily accessible place, as you will need it daily!  Please remember that Edmodo is not to be used as a social media!