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    ESL Contact info: rbull@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
     WOW! What a great year. All of our children really flourished this year in various ways. With summer being here and so many activities to fill the days, it is extremely important for our children to keep up GOOD READING HABITS. We see far too many students slide back in their reading skills simply because they do not read enough at home over the summer break. Our children do need to run and play when at home, but it's nice to give them periods of quiet when they choose to read or work online with a reading program. They can go to raz-kids, i-Ready, or elanews. Please encourage our children to kick back and  read. A good activity when it is rainy is to visit your local library. There are so many fun events held there. The difference it makes in our children's reading is phenomenal.Your children and I thank you. Have a Great summer!