• Name: Amy S. Guthrie
    Subject: First Grade                                       
    Contact info: asguthrie@wsfcs.k12.nc.us  none   
     Welcome back to school! Mrs. Thomas and I are very excited to begin a new year with you!  First grade is such a fun year and involves lots of learning of new skills.  At Open House, you will receive a packet of information that will help you understand what is required of students in our class.  Your homework, as parents, will be to read the information, fill out various forms, and return them to school with your child on Monday,August 26.  You may bring your child's supplies to Open House if you have purchased them or you may send them on the first day of school.  Your child will need the following items on the FIRST DAY:
    Crayola Crayons(please get the Crayola brand)
    Journal notebook(the kind with no wires, black and white hard cover)
    The remaining items on the list can be sent by the Tuesday after Labor Day.
    We look forward to a great year at South Fork!  See you on August 22  for Open House!
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