Welcome to Mrs. Parsons' 3rd Grade!
         3rd grade is the introduction to many new concepts that are built upon in 4th and 5th grades. We use a reading program in 3rd grade called Imagine It.  Students will have an access code and will be able to read the text selections from home any time they like.  Comprehension and thinking skills are very important in our reading testing.  Our stories are divided by themes.  Our first theme of the school year is friendship.
         We will begin the year writing in cursive handwriting.  This is a fun way to write and we enjoy it.   We will also write creatively using process writing teaching students how to organize their thoughts, correct their sentence writing and then publish their thoughts in stories.
         Our math program begins with reviewing addition and subtraction facts and expands to 2 digit numbers (23+41  and 53-21).  It is time to get those flashcards out and review them!  Students must know the basic facts of addition and subtraction to be able to use it with 2 digit numbers. We begin multiplication facts in October.  Math skills move fast in 3rd grade.  All skills build upon the former ones and we move quickly. 
         Science begins with the life cycle of seeds.  We will be planting seeds in the classroom and watching them complete their life cycle.
         Social Studies will start with geography.  Look at a map and read it to find your home town, state, country and continent. Students need to memorize where they live:  city, state, country and continent.
         Let's get started!