Mrs. Mayfield's Class
    Third Grade
    Please be sure to read.
     Welcome to Mayfield's Mansion (Trailer 2). My name is Kimberly A. Mayfield.  This is my 21st year teaching. I've taught second, third and fifth grade.  I've been married for for 29 years and have two wonderful children, Jenay, a registered nurse, and Jonathan, an 8th grade Science teacher. I also have a great daughter -in-law, Alli.  My undergraduate and graduate degrees were obtained at Winston-Salem State University.
         Third grade is a big transition from second grade.  They no longer receive 1-4 as grades. Students will receive letter grades: A,B,C,D and F.   Students will receive nightly homework in spelling, math and reading.
    Students will write homework daily in agenda books. Parents are responsible for signing nightly.
          Let's keep our lines of communciation open.  Feel free to call, send notes or email .