Name: Leslee Monda
    Subject: Art
    Contact info: lmonda@wsfcs.k12.nc.us, 774-4664
    Enjoy our Winter Break - two whole weeks!!  Take a break from playing those new video games, riding that shiny bike, and watching "Frozen" at the movie theater. Lots of art in Winston-Salem and surroundings areas. Don't forget Peter and the Wolf at Old Salem next week (I'll be there!), Reynolda House decorated
    for Christmas, and, of course, School of the Arts' Nutcracker at the Stevens Center.
    December Happenings:
    Thanks to Chinese watercolor artist, Mona Wu, for the time she spent with fourth and fifth graders at the beginning of the month. Talk about crowd control; she had them mesmerized! The kids created some lovely pieces of art using the traditional Chinese methods that Mona demonstrated. We now know how to make graceful fish, cute mice, and stalks of bamboo with just a few strokes of our brushes. She was so helpful and encouraging. We can't wait to have her back - I'm working on it!
     BIG NEWS!!  Congratulations to SayBarMu for being a county winner in the WSFCS Holiday card contest. Her card was chosen to represent the Cultural Arts Department. Check out the article about her in the newspaper and online at the WSFCS site. SayBarMu's card was the only card chosen to be animated and set to music. Check it out by clicking on this link: http://mattfussell.com/Artscard.html. Central Office had a big presentation at South Fork, she was interviewed and photographed by newspaper reporter Kim Underwood, as well as South Fork News reporters, and received a gift of fifty reproductions of her cards with envelopes. (Somehow South Fork Dolphin News staffers, Marwin, Dante, and Kendall, managed to get featured in the article, too!) South Fork's school winners were gorgeous too. Great work, Natalie A., Bible Day, MooSayRaySoe, and Ashley B. Lots more to follow in January-
    See you in the New Year,
    Ms. Monda