• Arrivals and Departures


    The school day is from 8:10AM to 2:40PM.  Students may enter classrooms at 7:40AM. Students must be picked up by 3:00PM.  The WS/FC school buses will transport children to any day care in the Zone 7 attendance area.  

    Signing Students Out for Early Dismissal 

    If a parent needs to pick up his/her child from school during the school day, the parent needs to come to the school office before 2:15pm.  We will not call a child out of class to leave after 2:15pm. When signing out your child before 2:15pm, a parent must come to the office. After a parent has completed our sign-out procedure, we will call for his/her child.  Teachers have been instructed not to release any child without authorization from the office.  Do not go to the classroom and interrupt the class to pick up your child.  Please remember if we do not have any court documentation, we cannot withhold a child from a parent. We are not allowed to release your child to anyone other than parents or guardians unless we have your permission in the form of a written note.   Please send a note to your child's teacher in the morning. The teacher will send the note to the office so the office staff is informed also. Also, please give the person who has your permission to pick up your child, a written note. We cannot make a change over the phone because we cannot verify your identity. This policy is for the protection of your child.

    Signing Students in as Tardy

    If your child arrives late (after 8:10AM), you will need to accompany him/her to the school office and sign in so your child will not be counted absent.

    Tardies and Early Dismissals

    Tardies and early dismissals hinder your own child's learning and interrupt the entire class.  Tardies are unexcused for the same reasons as those under the "Attendance" section on the School Policies page.  All tardies and early dismissals should be avoided and will become part of your child's attendance profile.  Each time a child arrives late or leaves early, the education of every child is interrupted. Each parent is responsible for keeping these disruptions to an absolute minimum.  (NC Law G.S. 115c-378, State Board Policy No. 10, WS/FC Policy 6112).  WS/FC School's AR5110 and Policy 6112 will be followed to monitor/reduce tardies and early dismissals.

    After-School Child Care Programs

    Since the 2012-13 school year, AlphaBEST has provided an after-school child care tuition program for Southwest students.The after-school program will be in the Southwest Gym, from dismissal at 2:40 until 6:00PM daily.  Parents may enroll children in the program by visiting the website, www.alphabest.org .

    The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Bus Transportation Department will transport your child by bus to any day care program in Zone 7.
    The YMCA, Tiger Kims, and Clemmons Gymnastics provide their own transportation to the facility. 


Last Modified on March 15, 2021