• Joy Truax & Marie Hammes 
     Cathy Seivers & Cherie Tramber
    Meredith Tuttle & Karen Fiorani
     Sierra Hauser & Misty Hughes

    Kindergarten Curriculum

    English Language Arts

    Students will: 

    • Randomly name and print capital and lowercase letters
    • Say all letter sounds 
    • Recognize and read high-frequency words 
    • Use a combination of drawing, writing and dictating to write about a specific writing prompts with teacher assistance 
    • Independently illustrate and write sentences
    • Read and tell elements in a story in detail 
    • Answer comprehension questions about a story - verbally and written


    Students will: 

    • Rote count to 100 by 1's and 10's 
    • Recognize and write numbers 
    • Compare numbers 
    • Recognize and describe 2D and 3D shapes 
    • Classify and story objects 
    • Model addition and subtraction to 10 
    • Apply and solve word problems to 10 
    • Know addition and subtraction number facts to 10 
    • Compose and decompose numbers 
    • Fluently and and subtract within 5 
    Social Studies
    Students will: 
    • Understand the importance of obeying rules in the classroom and school
    • Understand the characteristics of honesty and fair play
    • Learn how to use a map to locate places in the classroom, school and home
    • Identify land and water features using a map and globe 
    • Identify physical features on a map and globe 
    • Understand basic economic concepts 


    Students will: 

    • Understand change and observable patterns of weather that occur from day to day and throughout the year 
    • Understand how objects are described based on their physical properties 
    • Compare characteristics of animals that make them alike and different from other animals
    • Understand the positions and motions of objects and organisms observed in the environment 


Last Modified on October 16, 2023