• Kindergarten Field Trips

    More information to follow for the 2023-2024 Kindergarten field trips.

  • Great Ideas to Help Your Child Learn High Frequency Words
    • Flash Cards:  Use index cards or small squares of paper to write one word on each card.  Choose 5 words for your child to learn.  When they know the words, choose 5 more.  Continue until your child recognizes all high frequency words.
    • Going on a Word Hunt:  Hide the flash cards in a room and have your child to go on a Word Hunt to find the cards.  When they find a card, have them to tell you the word.
    • Word Memory:  Make two sets of flash cards.  Choose 5 - 8 words to include in the game.  Turn the card words over.  Take turns turning over two cards at a time.  If the words on the cards match, have your child to tell you the word and they get to keep the cards.  If the words do not match, turn the cards over. 
    • Magnetic Words:  Have your child to make high frequency words with magnetic letters. 
    • Hang Man:  Play Hang Man using high frequency words. 
  • Union Cross Elementary Uniform Guidelines

    Union Cross Elementary School students wear uniforms Monday through Thursday of each week. Students are not required to wear uniform on Fridays.
    Shirts: Solid red, white, navy blue (no stripes, jewels, or attached decorations) or Union Cross red, white or navy blue t-shirts

    Pants/skirts/dresses/shorts: Solid khaki or navy (no sweatpants, gym shorts or pants, or denim)

    Shoes: No color requirements. Sandals must have back straps. Tennis shoes are preferred.

    Tights and socks: Solid red, white or navy blue

    Jackets for indoor wear (sweatshirt, sweater, lightweight jacket): Solid red, white or navy blue

    Jackets for outdoor wear: No specific requirements


      K Team


    Kim Glenn

      Assistant: Signe Lee


    Megan Stockard                                               

      Assistant: Beth Smith 


    Amanda Reaves                                                 

      Assistant: Lynette Chamelin


    Julie Striplin                                                       

      Assistant: Michelle DeValk                                                    



  • Kindergarten Supply List

    Here are some of the common items your student will need to have, please check with your child's teacher for any additional items needed.


    • 2 boxes of crayons (16 count)
    • 5 jumbo glue sticks
    • Pack of #2 plain yellow wooden pencils
    • 2 boxes of tissue
    • Full size book bag without wheels
    • Bottle of hand sanitizer
    • Change of clothes (shirt, shorts/pants, underwear, socks - these clothes do not have to be uniform clothing)  Please place your child's change of clothes in a ziploc bag labeled with their name on the outside of the bag.
Last Modified on February 14, 2024