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    Special Resource teachers or resource facilitators teach in a variety of classroom settings depending on the needs of their students. These teachers have a wealth of knowledge about learning styles, strategies for teaching, and knowledge of resources and materials. 
    These teachers may serve children who have special learning needs which may span limited or gifted learning.

    Roles of the resource teacher:

    • Valuable member of the collaborative student planning team
    • Facilitator of the team
    • May be responsible for setting up the meetings
    • Responsible for gathering the information generated at the meetings and having it recorded
    • Assisting the teacher in writing the individualized education plan (IEP) or differentiated education plan (DEP)
    • Requesting professional support when needed
    • Locating and ordering materials and equipment for learning
    • Team teaching with the regular classroom teacher, allowing additional assistance to all students, including the one who has challenging needs
    • Teaching exclusion/inclusion groups of children
    • Adapting materials to enable the student with challenging needs to participate in the regular curriculum
    • Consulting with the teacher on strategies and teaching styles that will best meet the learning style of the student
    • Participating in liaison between the school and the home.
Last Modified on August 4, 2021