• Señora Sibela Pinochet
     Spanish II and Spanish for Native Speakers


    Classroom Expectations:
    Be in class on time and ready to work. Bring homewoork and class materials. Show respect and obey school rules.
    Do not eat, drink sweet drinks, or chew gum in class. Respect others at all time.
    Welcome letter:
    Dear students and parents,
    This is a great year, full of new and exciting activities. Spanish class is going to be a productive experience and you will be learning new vocabulary, cultural facts and communication skills every day. This is going to be the best year ever!
     "¡Vamos tú puedes!"
    Grading Policy:
    It is very important that you come to class prepared. Homework counts 10% of the over all grade. You must participate in class and be actively involved. One learns by doing, so make sure you stay on task.
    Attendance: Be present every day. If you miss one day, you may turn in your make up work within two school days. Tutoring is available on Mondays and Wednesdays after school and upon request.
Last Modified on October 27, 2014