• PRIDE Philosophy

    Ward Lions








    Choose Your Attitude

    Each of us chooses our attitude. We all need to realize that we choose to be in a good mood or a bad mood. We all must help each other choose to have a good attitude. We all need to learn how to react to each other. Choose your attitude is the most important philosophy.








      Be There    

    We are being there when we pay attention to each other's needs. We need to "be there" mentally and physically. Teachers are in tune to every student's individual need. Students can "be there" by listening, staying on-task and being kind and friendly to each other.


    Make Their Day

    Making someone's day is as simple as a smile or a helping hand. You can make someone's day by being kind and caring to one another. Make someone's day by understanding their needs and concerns.


    Have a playful spirit and attitude and still stay in tune with each other. Allow yourself to have an attitude of fun while continuing to maintain appropriate levels of instruction and discipline.

Last Modified on September 18, 2020