• Whitaker Elementary School, School of Excellence, is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in the Buena Vista neighborhood. Whitaker is an elementary school focused on developing leadership and dedicated to giving excellent education to every student, every day. The school opened in 1954 and has classes in kindergarten through fifth grade.  Currently, we have approximately 550 students.

    Mission Statement

    WE (Whitaker Elementary) strive for academic excellence.
    WE treat ourselves and others with respect and lead others to do the same.

    • Small class sizes, uninterrupted instructional time, extended learning programs and high expectations are used to develop strong foundations in reading, writing and math for each child.
    • Emphasis on problem solving, critical and creative thinking, decision making, group work and collaborative learning.
    • Arts and experiential activities enrich the teaching of science, social studies and other areas of the curriculum.
    • Outdoor classroom, nature trail, gardens and field trips.
    • Focus on service projects and community involvement to teach character, honor and self-discipline. A focus on quality will develop students' sense of pride in their school, work and behavior.
    • Technology tools are used in classrooms. Students use the Internet and enrichment software.


    Specialists in art, music, physical education, media and enrichment tie the humanities to the academic curriculum.


Last Modified on February 5, 2024