• Talk about timing, right? I could not have picked a more interesting time in education than the year 2020 to joinBitmoji Image the faculty of Whitaker Elementary. I love the challenges and problem solving required to navigate these unprecidented circumstances! We will all certainly learn a lot more than just the basics!


    Born and raised in Winston-Salem, this is my home. Other than a few years away in Chapel Hill, I have been a part of the WSFCS school system for many years. I have taught grades 1-5 and served as an adjunct professor at Wake Forest University, I have spoken across the country on best practices for elementary students, and most recently I have served time in the Instructional Services Department at Central Office.


    I am delighted I have landed at Whitaker! I have joined a committed, innovative faculty and am ready to see what I can add to an already exceptional school.





Last Modified on August 25, 2020