• Adequate Yearly Progress Accountability Model Report
    Kimmel Farm Parental Involvement Policies

    Philosophy of Learning: Kimmel Farm, in collaboration with our families and community, will prepare students for their future by implementing Problem Based Learning and authentic, real-world experiences.  By providing them with rigorous and relevant academic opportunities, we ensure that students will excel as critical and creative thinkers while becoming responsible citizens who will thrive in a changing world.


    Unifying Values:




    o All students are capable of learning in a safe, positive, and challenging environment that values diversity and fosters collaboration.

    o All children come with their own individual gifts, talents, natural curiosity, and desire to learn.

    o Alternative points of view foster communication and instill compassion for others.

    o Educators, with a high standard of excellence, are the key facilitators in this state-of-the-art environment.

    o Learning is an active, on-going process where students are engaged in a wide variety of relevant, independent, creative, cooperative, minds-on, hands-on experiences.

    o Education is the responsibility of students, school, family, and community.


    Annual PTA Meeting

    At Kimmel Farm’s first PTA meeting parents were informed about Title I and their right to be involved in their child’s development. There was also a discussion forum of parental involvement activities and parent/student/school expectations.


    Outline of Activities

    Parent involvement is an essential part of the school goal to help support student achievement. Kimmel Farm assists and supports active parent involvement by:


    • Parents and students will review the parent and student compacts outlining their responsibilities for student achievement.
    • Parent receive weekly parent bulletins which include news on how to support student learning and school events and procedures.
    • Parents will be provided the results of assessments given to their children throughout the school year.
    • Parents will be given opportunities to participate and provide input on developing strategies to achieve academic success. Meetings will in clued but not be limited to PTA Meetings, parent/teacher conferences and School Improvement Team meetings. These meetings will be offered at times that accommodate our parent schedules.
    • Parents will be encouraged to share cultural background information so staff members can have a better understanding about those students and adjust instruction accordingly.
    • A part-time ESL teacher will be available to help Spanish-speaking parents best communicate with the school community and support with translations of documentations.
Last Modified on April 21, 2023