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    -A little about me. I am a graduate of North Iredell High school and Winston Salem State University. I am going on my 5th year at Hanes. I play every sport and you should too.

    Physical Education is based primarily in participation. Each student is required to participate in every activity throughout the year. This includes warm ups, the activity for the day and the cool down. While we understand that each student has different interests, it is very important that every student put forth their best effort in P.E. Class. Students will be graded with an A,B,C,D or F


    ·        Dress Out Policy

    Students need to bring a pair of athletic shorts and a T-shirt for Physical Education class. EACH STUDENT MUST WEAR ATHLETIC SHOES DURING PE CLASS. If students are not wearing athletic shoes they will no be allowed to participate in the activity for the day and will not receive credit for that day. Sandals, boots, flats and other dress shoes are not athletic shoes.


    ·        Dress Requirements

    Athletic shorts or sweatpants (shorts must be fingertip length and the waist line must be on your waist)

    T-Shirts or sweatshirts of any color can be worn. It does not have to be smod colors. (No tank tops or sleeveless shirts)


    ·        Medical Implications

    Your Childs PE teacher must be informed of any medical needs or concerns that would involve the dispensing of medicine (i.e. Asthma inhaler). A doctor’s note is required to excuse a student from physical activity. Students who come to class with written directives from a doctor to abstain from PE class may not participate in any physical activity at all. These students will be sent to the media center with alternative work.


    General Rules

    • All sports equipment must be handled with care and only under supervision of the Hanes PE staff
    • Gun, candy, food and drinks are not allowed in the gym or locker rooms
    • For safety, students are not to wear watches, bracelets, large earrings, rings or any other hard or sharp object.
    • Students will not use profanity. See the student handbook
    • No boys in the girls locker room and no girls in the boys locker room
    • Be respectful to all teachers, students and property
    • All rules stated in the Hanes Magnet School handbook apply to physical education


    Please feel free to email your child’s teacher with any problems or concerns
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