Cardinal Principal
    Dear Konnoak Elementary Community Member, 

    I am Mrs. Shelia Burnette, Proud Principal of Konnoak Elementary School of Technology and International Studies.  It is my greatest pleasure to work with the amazing staff, students, parents and community partners that support Konnoak.  My greatest daily goal for Konnoak is that we provide the best educational experience for our children everyday with high expectations and a wealth of commitment. 

    At Konnoak, we are  One Voice. One Vision.  We are working together to make the impossible POSSIBLE through narrowing our focus, aligning our efforts, and monitoring our success and growth. We invite you to join the school, to be a part of a great school community, and to help us reach our four goals for 2014-2015.  Our goals focus on having 90% of our third graders proficient in reading by 2020 (a WSFCS Goal as well), having 100% of our students with growth, reducing disciplinary office referrals by 50%, and supporting professional growth and retention of teachers to maintain a highly qualified staff. 

     In addition to the traditional PreK-5 grade program that we have at Konnoak, we also have the benefit of embedding ESL teachers into the classrooms to support the students.  There are two great programs that we think will help boost and support our students to achieve at a higher standard.  Incoming Kindergarten students' parents can come and visit on designated days or simply come and register.  Magnet and in-district students could select to be a part of the Mandarin Chinese program where their children will have opportunities to learn about China, to learn essential key vocabulary, and to have immersion in an effort to become bilingual. We are now in our fourth year of Chinese Immersion. In addition. every classroom will make connections between the N.C. Standard Course of Study and the magnet themes using the updated technology and electronic resources, made for teachers to recordkeep, model technology sources, and to increase parent involvement. We also have grown a Single Gender Program from 1 class to 12 classes where parents opt.  to have their child in a class that focuses teaching strategies, activities and practices on the research learning practices of different genders.

    Please click te Konnoak's Framework for Excellence link below to view our three frameworks (for staff/teachers, students, and parents) upon which we operate as a school.  These are our commitments to helping our students reach success.  We simply invite you to join us.                                               

    Konnoak's Framework for Excellence

     Your Proud Principal,
    Mrs. Shelia Burnette