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    In 2011, Konnoak Elementary School became a magnet schoolwith an emphasis on educating young minds with technology and internationalstudies.  All students at Konnoak will benefit from the increased andimproved technology in Konnoak, with the ultimate goal of fully equipping allclassrooms with a Total Classroom Solution Package.  In the meantime,students will experience this technology improvement in some capacity toincrease communication, to take virtual field trips, to allow students toexperience other cultures/histories, and more. Students will also learn aboutvarious international countries, their culture, their history and theirlanguage. 


    Kindergarten families can enroll theirstudents into the Mandarin Chinese Immersion program. What a great opportunityto have your child learn what is taught at the kindergarten level, but in twolanguages.  Konnoak is among 4% ofschools in the United States that provides instruction in Mandarin Chinese aspart of its international studies magnet program also. We expect to see thisprogram grow each year as more families realize the benefits of their childrenbeing bilingual and/or multi-literal. So, don't miss this chance.


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