ATTENDANCE POLICY                                             

Good attendance and punctuality are essential to your success at Middle College.  In order to assure your success, you should abide by the following policies:                                                                      

    1. Middle College’s attendance policy is in alignment wtih the WS/FCS attendance policy.

    ·        If a student misses three (3) unexcused days, the student will be mailed an attendance letter.

    ·        If a student misses five (5) days in a quarter, the teacher shall notify the Principal in writing using “REQUEST TO WITHDRAW A STUDENT FROM CLASS” form. The Principal will determine whether student will continue/remain in class with credit, remain in class with credit and a grade of “I”, or whether to drop student from course and be given a grade of “F”.

    1. Make – Up work/ Make-Up Room
      •   Any student who misses a minimum of three (3) unexcused or five (5) excused absences from a class can make-up time in the make-up room.
      • Make-up room will be available on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS from 9:30 – 11:30 in room 6133.
      • Make-up time/work may be completed in the Work Room in Room 6133, Snyder Hall.