• Glenn Administrative Staff

    Main Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm
    Location: 1600 Union Cross Road
    Office Phone Number: 336-771-4500
    Office Fax Number: 336-771-4512
    The Glenn High School administrative staff works collaboratively to serve the needs of our students and parents. Please feel free to reach out to the appropriate member for guidance and support.  We are always eager to positively engage with the Bobcat community.
    Administration Duties

    LeDuan Pratt 


    Beginning Teachers, EC, Physical Education, Science, ROTC, Athletics and Coaches, Custodians, Office Staff, Business Partnerships, Kernersville Cares for Kids

    Latarsha Pledger,        Assistant Principal of Instruct.


    Student Attendance, Teacher Evaluations (English, Math I, Math III, Biology and Social Studies), Instructional Support, PLT Coordinator, Testing, MTSS, SIT Team, New Teacher Mentoring, Title I Coordinator 

    John Fulton                  Assistant Principal


    Student Attendance/Discipline A-F, Teacher Evaluations (Biology) Transportation, Textbooks, Facilities, Fire Drills, and CARES 

    Alis Mulero 
    Assistant Principal



    Student Attendance/Discipline G-N, Teacher Evaluations (English II) ESL, Clubs and Organizations, Latin (X) Communication

    Angela Weddington 
    Assistant Principal


    Student Attendance/Discipline O-Z, Teacher Evaluations (Math, EC/OCS), SIT Team, Student Services