Math is a part of life.

    Hello! Welcome to 7th Grade Math!

    Name: Whitney Ratliff
    Email Address: wmratliff@wsfcs.k12.nc.us  
    Phone number: 336-703-6762


     Welcome to 7th grade! This year is going to be very exciting, and fun. I look forward to working hard in class with your students to help them learn all of the standards for 7th grade. In class we will be working as whole class, individuals, in small groups, and with partners to expand our knowledge in math and where it comes from. We will be having projects, learning new vocabulary terms (and reviewing some old terms), playing games and practicing at home. To help us all stay organized I ask that you all have your composition books by Friday, August 29th. Those that do not have their notebooks on time will need to stay after school, once they have their notebook, in order to make sure that they have their notebooks in the correct order. I will also be asking students to keep up with their agendas all year. I will be considering this as a required item throughout the year. If students do not bring their agendas to class it will be a conduct code for being unprepared. I look forward to meeting you all and learning all about you. See you in class!!
    If you could not make it to open house at the begining of the year I have attached the Powerpoint that was being displayed and the handout that was given.
    Kindness Activity