• Elizabeth Bankson
    6th and 7th Grade Spanish
    Contact me directly @ (336) 777-6317
    or @ the main office number (336) 703-4222
    LINK to student questionnaire: http://bit.ly/2bdvD6E 


    Señora Bankson

    ¡Hola! Bienvenidos and welcome to Spanish. I am very excited to share my love and knowledge of Spanish, and my passion for the cultures from around the Spanish-speaking world.

    I'm from Boston, Massachusetts, where I taught Spanish for several years. I also lived and taught in San Francisco, California. During college I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain for a year. 

    There are so many opportunities to hear and speak Spanish, and to learn about the many wonderful cultures of the world. ¡Vamos a explorar juntos (Let's explore together)!


    Syllabus  and Supplies for Sixth and Seventh Grade Spanish

    Speaking a second language enhances the way we perceive the world. It helps us to more deeply appreciate and understand our own language and culture. It allows us to connect with people from other cultures. A second language provides a means to connect with other disciplines and is demonstrated to enhance student performance in other areas of study. In addition to being fun and enriching, speaking a
    second language is a tremendous advantage in the workplace in the global economy of the 21st Century.
    ¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to Spanish 


    Academic Expectations

    Spanish students will learn basic grammar and vocabulary in the context of their everyday lives. They will learn to ask and answer questions verbally and in writing about their interests, school activities, and everyday objects.


    Required Materials

    Students will need to bring the following to class DAILY :
    - a pronged folder to hold 3-hole punched papers (or a 3-ring binder)
    - blank lined paper for taking notes and in-class writing assignments
    - pencil and eraser
    A complete list of school supplies can be found on the district website: https://www.wsfcs.k12.nc.us/site/Default.aspx?PageID=533
    Grading Policies

    In addition to using the textbook in class, we will play games, sing songs, and do dramatic presentations to practice Spanish in a fun and meaningful way. Homework will be assigned to practice new language skills, which will be graded for being completed on time. Tests and quizzes to check for understanding will also be graded using the district’s 10-point grading scale as follows:

    100-90                      A

    89-80                        B

    79-70                        C

    69-60                        D

    59↓                           F

    Parents who cannot access grades using the Power School Parent Portal on-line may request a hard copy of progress reports. If at any time you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress in Spanish, please contact me by e-mail or phone (embankson@wsfcs.k12.nc.us/(336) 777-6317).

    There is so much opportunity to see, hear and speak Spanish all around us. Please point out these opportunities to your child as you come across them in your daily lives. If any of you have family traditions, heritage or travel relating to Latin America or Spain, I invite you to make arrangements to share your knowledge with our class. It is exciting for the kids whenever a special guest visits our classroom. Together we can ignite your child’s enthusiasm for learning Spanish!


    Visit the district’s Foreign Language web page for more detailed information about the curriculumhttp://wsfcs.k12.nc.us/Page/359