• Miles Dishen
    Room 708

    Hi everyone. My name is Miles Dishen. I am a 7th Grade Social Studies teacher at Flat Rock Middle School. 
    In 7th grade social studies I will be teaching your student world history from the time of the explorers (Columbus, Magellan, etc.) until modern times. This world history will include information being conveyed concerning all civilizations on earth except for those within the United States. Everything concerning the United States will be covered in your students' 8th grade social studies class.

    I expect that your child will follow all school rules while inside of my classroom. I relate everything back to respect and responsibility within my classroom. As long as your student can be respectful of property, peers, teachers, and themselves they will do fine. When for some reason a student does something that breaks a classroom or school guideline, then they are expected to take responsibility for their actions, because they are THEIR actions.

    Parents and guardians please encourage your children to keep up with their school supplies. In my class they need their Social Studies notebook daily. Each day students are to write the Essential Question (EQ) and the Warm Up (WU) in that notebook and respond to those prompts. This is not graded for content; it is graded for completeness so as to reward responsibility. Every student should be making a perfect score on their notebooks, which will greatly help their overall grade in my class.