• Welcome to Ms. Boyd's ISS Page!
    In-School Suspension at Main Street Academy is assigned to students only by the Principal or the Assistant Principal.
    The ISS classroom rules are as follows:
    (1)  Students must report to the ISS room at the beginning of the day or assigned period.
    (2)  Students who miss ISS time due to early dismissal, tardiness, absence, or emergency school closing will make-up the time missed on the next day of attendance.
    (3)  Restroom breaks are provided every two hours.
    (4)  Students eat lunch in the ISS room or the cafeteria at the discretion of the ISS teacher.
    (5)  Students must bring all necessary assignments, textbooks, and materials.
    (6)  Full credit will be given for work made-up in ISS.
    (7)  All school rules apply in ISS.
    (8)  Students will remain seated in assigned seats and work on assignments, behavioral packets, or read appropriate material.
    (9)  Sleeping, lounging, and eating or drinking at any time other than lunch is not allowed.
    (10) Any violation of ISS rules or repeated assignments to ISS (5 or more within a quarter) will result in out-of-school suspension and possible loss of ISS as an option for future disciplinary actions. 
    Contact info:   alboyd@wsfcs.k12.nc.us