Mrs. Elizabeth Betson
    Visual Arts
    West Forsyth High School
    Mission Statement
    Our mission is to provide an 
    opportunity for all students
    reach their optimum potential
    an ever-changing, highly technical, 
    global society.
    As a teacher, I will recognize the whole student and teach them to explore the world through art.
    1A - Intermediate Art                      1B - Plan
    2A - Beginning Art                           2B - Intermediate Art 
    3A - Plan                                          3B - Intermediate Art
    4A - Proficient/Advanced Arts        4B - Beginner Art
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    Tues., Wed., and Thurs.  8:20 - 8:45
    Effective communication ensures success for all. Please contact me regarding any questions or concerns.


    Visual Art is an important part of a student's education. Students are challenged to find creative and unique solutions to problems. It is this use of creative problem solving skills that fosters higher level thinking skills. Art also offers students the opportunity to work cooperatively, to be responsible, and to appreciate other cultures and the world around them. 
    Course Goals:
    Welcome To Beginner Art
    Beginner Art/Art I is designed to reinforce and build on knowledge and skills developed at the elementary and middle school levels. It is the foundation level for art study throughout high school. The course is primarily devoted to deliberate and systematic presentations of various art processes, procedures, theories, and historical developments. Students will have experiences in producing two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks. The course emphasizes the study of the elements of art and principles of design, color theory, vocabulary, art criticism, art history, and safety in the art room. The approach to art experiences during this time is experimental in terms of materials. Students are provided a strong foundation in design, drawing, and vocabulary in a teacher-structured environment.  Problem solving and decision-making are emphasized throughout Beginner.


    The Beginner Art course is aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study Competency Goals and Essential Standards.
    Welcome To Intermediate Art
    Intermediate Art/Art II builds on the student’s technical skills and foundation of knowledge in Art I.  The study of the elements of art and principles of design, color theory, vocabulary, and art history continues in Art II in a less teacher-directed situation. Various art processes, procedures, and theories are presented in a problem-solving manner, which allows for independent choices and personal solutions to problems. The approach to art experiences is less experimental and based more on informed choices. Student research of art and artists is a major source for gaining knowledge and understanding of past and present art forms. A greater flexible and fluent use of the elements of art and principles of design, color, theory, and vocabulary is stressed in Intermediate.


    The Intermediate Art course is aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study Competency Goals and Essential Standards.
    Welcome To Proficient Art
    Proficient Art builds on skills from Intermediate Art with a more in-depth approach to the study of art processes and techniques, aesthetic issues, art criticism and art history. Students at this level will receive Honors credit for this class. Teachers help students form goals, become familiar with careers, and develop work habits of professionals. Knowledge of the arts in relation to culture, history, other disciplines, and careers will be promoted through visual, verbal, and written means. Art history, criticism, and aesthetics will be studied in conjunction with selected artworks and will lead to development of a personal philosophy of art. In Proficient Art, students will assemble a portfolio based on technical quality, personal style, direction, and its intended purpose.
    The course is aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study Competency Goals and Essential Standards. 
    Welcome to Advanced Art
    In Advanced Art, students develop, clarify, and apply their philosophy of art and art making developed in Art III through in-depth, independent, and advanced explorations with media, techniques, processes, and aesthetics. Exceptional initiative, serious involvement, and commitment are expectations of the Advanced Art student. Students in this class will receive Honors credit for this course. A portfolio evidencing high quality, a broad base of knowledge, and in-depth understanding of personal art forms is developed and refined. Students take part in planning and installing an exhibition of their work.
    The course is aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study Competency Goals and Essential Standards.
    Classroom Expectations
    Be On Time
    Be Prepared
    Be On Task
    Be Considerate and Respectful                  
    Be Cooperative
    Be Ready To Create 
    In order to provide a healthy and safe environment for teaching and learning in the art room, all students must demonstrate responsibility of materials and respects for others. Classroom rules and safety procedures have been reviewed in class.
    Grading Policy           

                   WS/FCS Grading Scale                                Art Grading Make-Up
                   A = 90-100 points                                           80% Works of Art
                   B = 80-89                                                      10% Sketchbooks Assignments/ Quizzes
                   C = 70-79                                                      10%  Art Appreciation and Art Criticism
                   D = 60-69                                                      
                   F = 59 and Below
    Class Projects are graded on the following criteria:

    Follow directions: The guidelines for each project will be posted visually on the board with examples of artwork. Pay attention when I address the class, give lectures or demonstrations.

    Daily Grade: A mark will be recorded everyday in the grade book. This mark will reflect your utilization of class time and participation in class, discussions and critiques.

    Craftsmanship: The neatness and care you demonstrate in producing a work of art.

    Aesthetics: “The theory of beauty and psychological response to it.” Your ability to create a work of art.

    Homework Policy:

    Any project that is not complete by the assigned class due date must be completed for homework. You may complete your work on your own time at home or you are welcome to work in the classroom in the morning. The art room will be open to all at 8:15 am. All final due date will be posted on the white board in the classroom. Points will be deducted for late work passed the final due date. Incomplete work will not be accepted.