• Orientation
    Intake Procedures at Main Street Academy
    The intake session is coordinated by the Transition Coordinator, Mr. Garrett Davis and the Administrative Assistant, Mr. Larry C. Berry. This session allows students and parents an opportunity to become familiar with the policies and procedures of Main Street Academy including the required School Dress Code. The session will last approximately one (1) hour.
    Intake Sessions are scheduled daily in Room 201.
    An appointment is necessary. You may contact Ms. Lucretia Edwards, Registrar, at 336-703-4185 to make an appointment.
    At the Intake Session, the student and parent will receive the following:
    WS/FCS Student Enrollment Application
    WS/FCS Release of Records Form
    Transportation Routing Request Form
    Emergency Medical Information Form
    School-Parent-Student Compact Form (Title I requirement)
    Main Street Academy Student-Parent Handbook
    Information Sheet re: School Uniform Purchase / Dress Code
    During the Intake Session, the students and parent will meet with the Transition Coordinator.. Completed forms will be distributed to the appropriate school staff members:
    Data Manager
    School Nurse
    School Counselor
    Upon completion of the Intake Session, the student is ready for the one (1) day Orientation Program held by the Transition Coordinator. Orientation is held on Monday through Thursday. Upon completion of the Orientation program, the student is assigned to classes by the School Counselor, Ms. April Winn, with approval of the Principal, Mr. Ronald Travis.
    Orientation Program for Students
    Session #1        Welcome / Information Session / Goals and Objectives
    Session #2        Campus Tour / Main Street Academy Information
    Session #3       Student Handbook Review / Policies and Procedures
                                   Core Values of MSA  


    Session #4       Student Assessments / Lexile and Quantile Tests
    Session #5       Special Presentations / Counselor/ School Nurse / SR)
    Session #6      Wrap-Up - Review - Dismissal to Lunch / Classes
    Upon the successful completion of the Orientation Plan, the student will attend classes after lunch. 
Last Modified on July 6, 2018