• Kernersville Middle School Honor Society

     This is an invitational organization. Parents and students should note that the membership in the KMS Honor Society does NOT qualify a student for the NHS in high school. Applications for membership are extended to eligible students during the third quarter of the school year.


    To be invited to join KMS Honor Society you must:

    1.  Overall B average with no grades of C, D, or F for 1st and 2nd quarters.

    2.  No OSS or major discipline issues

    Applications go out during 3rd quarter with the induction ceremony usually at the very beginning of 4th quarter.  Kids who struggle with filling out certain areas of the application are given extra help from either teachers or me.  It is rare that we don't get it filled out and if it is filled out completely, you are accepted.

    To maintain your membership:  

    1.  2 hours per semester of community service

    2.  One large group project  (organized for them usually St. Jude, campus clean ups, or sometimes the Chamber of Commerce asks for volunteers at some of the city festivals)

    3.  Pay your dues. (No one gets kicked out due to non payment)

    4.  Maintain your grades to overall B with no C's, D's or F's,  but you are given a probation period.

    We try to be as inclusive as possible.  Children with IEPs are invited as long as they make the "B" average rule even if in a resource class.


Last Modified on October 25, 2017